Detailing starts where valeting ends and focuses on paintwork restoration and protection.

Commissions can always be tailored to match customers exact requirements.

Spotless Finish
Detailing Service
Waxed and Polished



4 - 6 Hours

1 day Booking

From £100

This package is ideal for customers who want their car to look one of the best on the road. As a daily vehicle it needs to be protected from the elements. This detailing includes

a multi stage wash,

three stage decontamination process, paintwork polished or glazed and a highly durable

wax or

sealant protection.

The interior is valeted and exterior glass chrome

and trim cleaned.

Enhanced Detail

10 - 16 hours

1 - 2 day booking

From £170

This package is based around our Protection Detail but

with extras.

This detail inclues a full paintwork assessment, including a single stage machine polish to remove light defects and restore clarity and gloss. Tyres and exterior plastics sealed for long lasting protection. It also includes a deep clean of the interior including either cloth seat deep clean and protect or leather protection. We also include a rain repellent to

exterior glass.

Dazzling Detail

24 - 36 hours

2 - 3 day booking


(as no 2 commissions are the same).

This package is designed for the most discerning customer who seeks perfection. This package is based around our enhanced detail with extras. Wheels are removed and treated to a deep clean and are treated with a superior wheel sealant. A two or three stage machine correction and refinement process which removes heavier defects and scatches. Adds real depth to a high gloss paintwork. Engine Bay detailing too.


Found the right package but something missing?

No problem as our list of bolt on services will allow you to add extras to your detail package. Such as

Engine Bay Detail

A must if you are selling your car and would like to impress the new owner or if you are returning a lease car.

Deep Wheel Clean

More attention to detail by removing the wheels, removing old tar and iron deposits. Then treated with a wheel coating which can last 6 to 8 months.

Wax or Sealant Upgrade

For a protective product that lasts between 6 - 24 months there is lots we can discuss.

Engine Bay Detailing
Wheel Before Cleaning
Wheel After Cleaning